18 May 2020

Cure your board-dom with our board game suggestions

Along with puzzles, crafts and video on demand subscriptions such as Netflix, board games have become another one of the most sought-after forms of entertainment during this current time. A sure source of fun for various generations, the ability to play board games digitally has proven to be a great way to connect with family and friends, no matter where they are in the world.

With these free online versions of classic board games, you can either face off against strangers from other countries or take on your loved ones in a fun competition – the choice is yours!

Our top 4 rated free board games to download

Scrabble GO

The ‘Scrabble GO’ app has reimagined this classic board game for the digital era. You can play the standard Scrabble game you know and love or you can test your skills in four new word games. Whichever mode you choose to try out, ‘Scrabble GO’ lets you personalise your playing experience through a range of customisable tiles. It also contains a practice mode, plus a way to track your stats.

Allowing you to easily play against family and friends while also giving you the opportunity to test your skills against strangers, your brain is sure to get a workout no matter who you go up against!.

Chess – Play & Learn

Speaking of brain workouts, chess has been one of the most intellectually stimulating forms of fun for well over a thousand years! Whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced veteran, the ‘Chess – Play & Learn’ app has something for everyone. With over 65,000 tactics puzzles to solve, along with thousands of videos and interactive lessons from top Grandmasters, this is a great way to cure your boredom.

‘Chess – Play & Learn’ boasts over 10 million members worldwide, meaning you’ll never be short of competition to go up against. Like ‘Scrabble GO’, this chess app also lets you customise your playing experience, with over 20 themes for boards, pieces and backgrounds.

Connect4 – Classic Board Game

Want something a little more relaxing? Try out the ‘Connect4 – Classic Board Game’ app. This family favourite can be played by two people on the same device or online against friends or other players from all over the world. There’s also a virtual player you can go up against to test your skills.

Easy to use with a straightforward and colourful design, Connect4 is a fun way to spend a few hours with the family. You can even collect achievements along the way for that extra bit of enjoyment.

Fleet Battle: Sea Battle game

Remember Battleships? It’s now online – and more fun than ever! This strategy game classic of many childhoods lets you play against the computer or your friends as you rise up the ranks from ‘Recruit’ all the way to ‘Admiral of the Navy’, collecting new ships along the way. You can also earn different colours and designs as you progress through the game, meaning there’s always something new to discover.

Want to play with someone in another country? The app handily features voice-over and text in many other languages in addition to the default English. Featuring 3D graphics to go along with realistic sounds, the ‘Fleet Battle’ app immerses you in the action. With medals to earn and leaderboards to climb, what are you waiting for? Get ready for combat, Commander!

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Fun things our staff did this week

Here at Pennytel, we all love a good board game, but with social distancing still in effect, our staff have taken to playing board games over video calls with their friends!