Why You Need To Move Your Workforce To A Cloud-based Phone System

Do you feel slow and limited phone systems are holding your business back?

If so, you should consider moving your business phone system into the cloud, where you can enjoy all the benefits that a flexible and scalable PBX has to offer.

Cloud phone systems are a future-proof option for growing companies as their telephony requirements will continue to grow along with their workforce. But first, let’s break down what a cloud-based phone system is and why you should consider this option for your business.

What is a cloud-based phone system?

A cloud PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a modern version of the traditional PBX Phone System that can be programmed through the web to organise the calls within your business, as opposed to Classic PBXs which used hardware stored on your premises and required a technician to program and maintain.

What are the benefits of a cloud-based phone system?

If you are still using traditional business telephones, your business may be losing out on modern features that can help you save time and money. Here are just some of the benefits that businesses experience when they choose a cloud-based phone system over a traditional system:


If your business continues to grow, your phone system needs will continue to grow with it, but many traditional systems become limited as companies expand.. A cloud-based phone system has the capability to scale with your business, meaning you won’t be left with an outdated, underpowered communications system; an essential for all companies.


A cloud PBX gives employees the freedom of working anywhere, with just an internet connection. Many cloud phone systems are designed to be intuitive and easy for employees to use, meaning they can change their settings without relying on support teams. Calls can be routed to different employees or multiple numbers simultaneously with cloud phone systems, which means if one person is out of the office, another representative can take their calls, and you do not miss out on any business opportunities.

Reduced costs

Businesses that move their telephone system into the cloud enjoy significant savings on their telecommunications bills. Pennytel’s Cloud PBX package includes All Local, National and Mobile Calls in a fixed monthly price per user. Cloud-based systems are also easier to set up because there is costly hardware required and no installation engineers required.

Why Should Your Business Move to a Cloud Phone System?

When it comes to phone systems for small businesses or large enterprises, cloud-based phone systems offer much more than traditional phone systems. Not only do cloud telephones allow businesses to save money and access essential features such as routing calls to different departments and accessing extensions, but they also increase flexibility and allow employees to work on the go.

Moving your business onto a cloud-based telephone system is easy with secure, user-friendly cloud PBX software. A quality cloud phone system will allow your business to communicate efficiently and reduce the total cost of ownership.

If you are looking for phone systems for small businesses, Cloud Phone Systems are trusted by thousands of organisations Australia-wide to deliver reliable, feature-packed phone systems. Cloud Phone Systems are perfect for small businesses because of their affordability and simplicity.

Shifting to a business phone system in the cloud will save you money and time while improving communication between your employees and clients. Cloud PBX Systems are easy to set up and allow all users to access extensions no matter where they are so they can work on the go.

Pennytel’s Cloud PBX Solution allows your business to grow and doesn’t get in your way. Perfect for businesses of all sizes, you can start with 1 user or 50.

Take advantage of our limited time promotional offer and get your first month FREE, no contract or fixed terms. Get full Cloud PBX functionality for $30.00/month per user – All Local, National and Mobile calls included.

Our Cloud PBX supports most modern phones you have in your office, although it is often cheaper to purchase new hardware where beneficial. Pennytel Finance can update your technology infrastructure in an affordable manner with our IT systems finance. Updates to your network, software, computers and IT services can be financed through manageable monthly payments.

So, if you are looking for a phone system that can provide Cloud PBX features and Cloud Messaging or Cloud Collaboration tools, get in touch with our team to get started.