When your friend signs up to a Pennytel mobile plan, they must enter your mobile number in the “Referee mobile number” field during checkout. Once your mobile number has been validated, a success message will appear and a Referral Credit will be applied.

There could be a few reasons why this might happen, depending on whether you were the referrer or the referred person.

  1. If you did not enter a valid mobile number during your order, then the person who referred you will not receive their credit.
  2. If you used a promotional code or took up a special offer when you placed your order, you will not receive a Referral Credit when you activate your SIM, we will however still apply a credit to your friends Account when you pay your first bill.
  3. If you referred someone to Pennytel and they activated their SIM card but have not yet paid their bill, you will not receive your credit until that has happened.

Your friend will receive their Referral Credit immediately at checkout if your mobile number has been validated in the “Referee mobile number” field.

If you have referred someone to Pennytel, you will receive your Referral Credit after your friend has signed up and paid their first monthly bill. Your Referral Credit will show on your next bill.

If you have joined Pennytel and were referred by your friend, you’ll receive your Referral Credit when you activate your service and it will show on your first bill. Your friend will receive their credit once you have paid that bill.

If your referral was successful, you will see an applied Referral Credit on your bill. If you have provided a valid email address on your Account, we’ll send you an email notification to let you know when the credit is applied to your Account and it will show on the next bill you receive from us.

Simple – you just have to be a Pennytel customer.

You can refer friends and family up to 20 times per year.

No. Unfortunately, self-referrals on to the same Pennytel account are not available at this time. For a referral to be successful, your friend or family member must create a separate Pennytel account upon sign up.

You’ll be able to keep saved messages indefinitely.

Played messages are held for 7 days.