Yes, all end-users by default have been automatically opted-in for this filter.

To opt-out of the blocking action, you must send an SMS message “FILTER OFF” to the number 0438214682

There is a risk that non-scam messages will be blocked and also that scam messages may not be correctly blocked. Please note that our upstream provider accept no liability where an SMS message that is a scam is not blocked.

Telstra’s SMS Filter capability:

i. May inspect the content and metadata of SMS messages which are intended to be received by the end user, including text, time, sender, number of messages sent, and recipient (“SMS content”);

ii. May use the SMS content to detect if an SMS message is scam; and

iii. Where an SMS message is identified as scam, may block that message before it reaches the intended recipient’s mobile phone (and any blocked messages will not be retrievable).

The filter involves network systems scanning the SMS messages and if and when a message is identified as being a scam, the message will then be blocked by the network. The result is that the message would not be sent to the you and would not be retrievable.

In effort to combat the rising number of scams targeted at consumers via SMS, Telstra have turned on a brand-new feature to find and block SMS scam messages with suspicious links as they travel across the Telstra Mobile Network, to stop many of them before they reach your mobile device.

This involves deploying capabilities to detect and block SMS messages identified as scam and stopping
the message before they reach the end user. This will reduce the volume of scam messages that are sent to those on the Telstra Mobile Network using SMS.

Yes, you can opt-out of this filter any time. To opt-out of the blocking action, the you must send an SMS message “FILTER OFF” to the number 0438 214 682

Short Messaging Service (SMS) technology is being used by criminal actors to deliver attempts to scam Australians. This filter is in place to protect you from scam messages with the use of capabilities that will block scam messages before it reaches you.

If an SMS has been blocked, this means that the intended recipient will not receive the SMS and the blocked message cannot be retrieved.

The purpose of this initiative is to reduce the volume of scam messages that are sent to end users on the Telstra Mobile Network using SMS. It is not guaranteed to stop all scam messages.

There could be a few reasons why your Referral Credit has not arrived. Some possibilities could be:

  • Your friend did not complete their sign up.
  • Your mobile number was not entered at checkout to make you eligible for Referral Credit.
  • Your friend has not received/paid their first monthly bill.

Check with your friend first, and provided they have done all of the above, you can contact us to look into the problem.

We’re available on 1300 232 888 Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm; and Saturday to Sunday 9am to 7pm AET.

You will not receive the Referral Credit if your friend cancels their mobile plan before they pay their first bill.

When your friend signs up to a Pennytel mobile plan, they must enter your mobile number in the “Referee mobile number” field during checkout. Once your mobile number has been validated, a success message will appear and a Referral Credit will be applied.