Our support for Royal Far West

We’re both passionate about helping those in regional Australia access opportunities they might not otherwise be able to. We have a shared commitment to serving important sections of our communities, whose needs are often overlooked.

Royal Far West is one of Australia’s oldest and most respected children’s charities. Established in 1924, they have deep roots in Australian country communities. We support this great cause to continue and investing in children through education and healthcare. Together we can commit to helping the next generation succeed and one day become the leaders of tomorrow.

A partnership with Royal Far West is a perfect fit, and aligns with our own values here at Pennytel.

Helpful, in how we enable our customers stay connected with friends and family.

Trustworthy, in our ethical practices and how we build trust with our customers.

Smile, because we both love to make those we interact with smile!

No distance too far.

Royal Far West

Royal Far West works closely with families, schools, allied health professionals and local communities to connect rural and remote Australian children with the specialist healthcare they need.

They possess a deep understanding of rural communities, children, and families
Established leaders in delivering mental and developmental health services via technology
Focused not just on integrated health, buton education and disability services too
Proven track record in partnerships and innovation to strengthen rural and remote communities

Lucas’ StoryShow your support for kids just like him

Lucas lives with his mum, dad and 3 siblings on a farm in remote NSW – two hours’ drive from the nearest regional centre. The farm is struggling following several years of drought which means Lucas’s mum and dad, Erin and Steve, must work long hours – often not getting in until 8 or 9pm. Their eldest daughter Zara helps out by sorting out dinner, bath and bedtime for herself and younger siblings.

When Lucas started kindergarten last year, he struggled to settle in. While the other kids quickly found their groove and started making friends, Lucas struggled to communicate with his teacher and classmates. His language skills were noticeably weaker than the other kids. Some of them teased him about the way he pronounced his words. He often became withdrawn in the classroom and seemed overwhelemed by the noise and activity around him. His teacher saw him struggling to understand simple instructions, and his ability to retain and process information was well below the average for his age.

Lucas’s school arranged for Lucas to access a Speech Pathologist through Royal Far West’s Telecare for Kids program. He has made some improvements in his language and word formation; however it is apparent to our clinicians there’s something more going on. Lucas is still falling behind and urgently needs specialist attention to assess and diagnose his health issues.

This type of assessment often requires multiple clinicians from several health disciplines but needs to be done by those who specialise in paediatrics. Lucas’s family live far away from these services, and simply can’t afford the very expensive fees involved in accessing the appointments privately.

Royal Far West’s Paediatric Developmental Program exists to help country kids just like Lucas. A full assessment of his developmental health can be done under one roof by a team of multi-disciplinary paediatric specialists. The intensive program works to support both Lucas and his parents, by identifying the therapies Lucas needs to build critical life skills, and by giving his parents the important resources they need to help him. The program is a lifeline for parents like Erin and Steve, who otherwise can’t access or afford the help their child needs.

Without the ability to access this care, Lucas is at risk of of being left behind for life.

You can help support kids like Lucas. Any donation, no matter large or small, will go a long way.

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