Account Management Features

You can manage your MyNetFone account yourself via the Online Portal. You can also nominate someone to manage your account for you, or transfer your account to another owner (with their agreement).

This page contains further information about:

  • Online Portal
  • Authorised Representatives
  • Transfer of Accout Ownership

Online Portal

You can easily manage your PennyTel account through the Online Portal, which provides you access to call history, invoices, payments & more.

Once you log in to the Portal, you will be able to choose from the following menu options related to Accounts.

  • Select ‘Your Info’ in the top menu to view your account information such as: Account Name, Number, Address and contact details. You can also edit your account credit limit here.
  • Click on ‘Services’ will show you all the services on your account and you can view information about your service and plan. You can also view your usage here.
  • ‘Billing’ includes options such as making a one off payment, registering your credit card details for automatic payment and you can view your historical invoices here also.
  • Select ‘Pay account’ to make a one off payment to your account. Simply enter your card details and the amount you would like to pay and click on ‘Make Payment’.

Auto Payments

You can take the hassle out of bill-paying by setting up automatic payments of your PennyTel monthly bill.

To register your credit card, select ‘Pay Method’ and then you can edit your payment method option and details.


Authorised Representatives

Ever had the inconvenience of calling up for information only to be told that you aren't authorised? This is because under the Australian Privacy Act, personal information can only be provided to the account holder or an authorised representative.

But that doesn't mean we won't talk to you. We can still provide general information (like the information that is easily found on our website).

Nominating an Authorised Representative

If you are an account holder and would like to nominate an Authorised Representative on your account, please complete the Authorised Representative Form in our Legal section.

Transfer of Account Ownership

If you no longer want to keep your account, but know someone who would be happy to take over the account and included service/s, you can request to transfer the ownership of the account to that person.

To make this request, both you and the person taking over the account must complete the Change of Ownership Form. To get a copy of the form, please contact our team.

PennyTel reserves the right to refuse transfer requests if the new nominated owner does not meet our credit policy requirements.